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Saturday, 26. November 2016

Daily Picture: The park in fog

this week I went to a bookkeeping software seminar. It was all week, every day. It meant I had a 13km commute to go there, and I picked a beautiful route through parks, along little rivers and side roads.
That was the last day in the morning. It was so foggy. My glasses got dripping wet and it was impossible to see through them. If I cleaned them they became wet after 100 metres and were useless again.

This was a picture I snapped with my phone at Landschaftspark Herzberge:


Tuesday, 15. November 2016

Daily Picture Tuesday 11-15-2016

#dailypicture das ist ein Kona Rennrad in Gelb metallic. Ich ließ meine Bremsen erneuern und stand 10min davor *drool* #fahrrad #roadbike

This is a Kona roadbike. It is yellow but it shimmers. I think it has a steel frame. Drooling in front of it for 10 minutes at the bike store, where I had the brakes of my travel and everyday bike fixed. I never tried a roadbike, but I think I'd like to. What a beauty.

Monday, 14. November 2016

Daily Picture Monday 11-14-2016

daily picture 14.11.

This is Berlin, Schillingbrücke. One of the many bridges across the river Spree. I went to meet someone in Neukölln and the weather was cold but so wonderfully sunny. I like this route and this bridge. Although an important party location, Yaam, is right here, the people are really very laid back and do their thing. So much better for a commute from night shift or to early shift than Oberbaumbrücke.

Das ist die Schillingbrücke in Berlin. Eine der vielen Brücken über die Spree. Ich fuhr nach Neukölln jemanden zu treffen, und das Wetter war kalt aber so wunderbar sonnig. Ich mag die Route und die Brücke. Obwohl eine wichtige Partylocation hier liegt, das Yaam, sind die Leute sehr entspannt und machen ihr Ding. So viel besser, hier entlang zu fahren, wenn man von der Nachtschicht kommt oder zur Frühschicht unterwegs ist.

Sunday, 13. November 2016

Daily Picture Sunday 11-13-2016

daily picture 14.11

Das ist eine Haarseife. Desch hat sie selbst gemacht und mir gestern geschenkt. Daneben ist eine inzwischen leere Dose Salz-Öl-Peeling mit Lemongrasduft, das ich beim dm gekauft hatte und was ich sehr mochte.
Seit Donnerstag funktioniert nämlich unsere Heizung und das warme Wasser, und ich kann statt im Betrieb, zuhause wieder duschen. (Und ohne dicken Pulli da sitzen).
Heute habe ich das zum ersten Mal gemacht!

This is hair soap - or solid shampoo. Desch made it herself and gifted it to me yesterday. Next to it, there's a scrub with salt and oils and lemongrass scent, I got it from dm and I liked to use it up.
our heating system and the warm water was not working until thursday, when it finally was fixed. I had taken my showers at my workplace. Today, it was my first shower at home since the thing got repaired :-)

Monday, 18. January 2010

project 52: participating after all

There's a german speaking group participating in a "project 52" together. They started Jan 1st, 2010 and I had intended to not do it this year. I only took 5 or 6 photos for last years' project 52. But now I've changed my mind and I'm going to take part. It's about taking one photo a week and blogging something about it. This year, there's a topic chosen from readers' suggestions every week, and there's a little character that should be in every photo. I think I won't do the topic stuff, because I believe in talking about things that happen in my life, and not some pre-planned topics, but I like the character idea. I found a little Spiderman-action-figure on the street some years ago, and since my crabs are all gone to my niece and my brother for xmas, the little Spiderman is going to be in the project 52 photos:

Project52 mit Spidey

His mask has frozen to his forehead... bad weather!

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