midget sampler

Sunday, 25. January 2009

50 Blocks finished

..for my Midget Sampler.


Nr. 81 - Windflowers

mein midget aktuell

Here are they all.

Today is the 63rd day after quitting smoking. I feel wonderful.
No craving at all the last week.
It seems to me that I am getting more sensitive and emotional, though. This has nothing to do with "nicotin detox" because that is long over. I think this is just a new "normal self" evolving.
years ago I discussed with a fellow pagan witch the role of the tobacco spirit in people's lives. She said that in exchange for your freedom, the tobacco spirit gives you things. Only that I never knew what I got from the tobacco being, because I became addicted to it during adolescence and I really can't tell what parts of my adult personality came just from becoming an adult and what parts were the presents of tobacco being. Maybe I'll find out now.
Maybe I got a protection shield from it, so that things don't get too near to me. Well now I can protect myself. I don't need that tobacco being any more.

Wednesday, 15. October 2008

The next midget blocks


Block 35 "Butterfly"


This is going to be Nr. 41 - I wish I hadn't chosen to sew this one by hand.
It's possible to piece it by machine - except the little round shapes, which are appliqued. The hand piecing is really annoying here, because I can't seem to get the tiny half square triangles for the outer border quite right. Well, now it looks okay, but I've seen machine pieced blocks which look much better.

Thursday, 9. October 2008

Nr. 86 finished

today I've spent some time relaxing and sewing again.
My mum is here for a visit and we're sitting together, she's knitting, I'm sewing, we're talking, and that's really cool.
These are some midget sampler blocks on my ironing board:


I just love the colours - this camera is so great!
Everything appears in such natural colours, like it really is, when I see it. With my pocket digital camera, I always have to photoshop it, to get the colour to be nearly like I see them. Well, I wrote about that in my last post, too - but it's such a good thing that it's worth mentioning twice.

Midget Sampler goes slowly

...but It continues.
I'm sewing block 86 (Grandmothers Brooch) by hand:


The diamonds are so small, but not too small :)

This time the picture isn't perfect, it could be crispier, but the colours are great. The camera does great colours! I'm still learning how to use it.
Because Jane asked: It's a Nikon D40!

Tuesday, 30. September 2008

Next Week by Week block

autograph block

This is Nr. 50 - "Autograph".
The yellow and white fabric is new, I bought it at the quilt shop yesterday on my trip with the bike.
I had looked for this white fabric (it's actually cream with white print, but the colour didn't turn out right on the picture) online, and it's really hard to judge white on white prints in an internet shop. So I had to go to the real brick and mortar store :)

Actually, it's colour matches the unbleached muslin I'm also using as a background fabric very very well! And I think mixing different "Off-white" fabrics in the background will look very good in the finished quilt.

Saturday, 27. September 2008

Hand piecing like Linda Franz

(Sorry to all whose Feedreaders send this twice, I had to edit it because I had gotten Linda Franz' surname wrong.)

Lately I went to the website of Linda Franz: Quilted Diamonds. I've seen a video about handpiecing where she was the guest, and I really like the look of hand pieced quilt blocks. I'm using her tips for my Midget Sampler Quilt.
I've made myself a pouch for my sewing stuff last year, I'll put up a picture of that soon, I think... because now with hand piecing, it's really handy.

Here are some pics of handpiecing on my balcony, today - it is sunny and warm outside :)


The finished Block, not yet pressed.

And here's another picture of my new apple computer!


Tuesday, 23. September 2008

More Quilt blocks done

This one was hard, because I didn't understand how I should close the last seam if I did the whole thing in foundation paper piecing technique.
With help from other "Week by Week" quilters, I finally got it done :)
Nr. 22 - Kaleidoscope:


The "Hour Glass" block was easier:


And this one is called "circular saw" and it was a real challenge to me to make it:


I really came to like hand applique!


Thursday, 18. September 2008

New Midget Blocks + back to work

I'm back at work, and I've got sore muscles.
Three weeks of being at home sewing and enjoying a quiet time got me out of training. But I love my work. I love it to make 200 loafs of bread by hand! Yes!

Today was a very good day :)
I baked bread rolls and worked at the mill to get all the flour for the next night and I feel like being in the center of the world, where grains are, nourishment and everything.

I've made an applique block, one of the Midget Sampler blocks and I think after reading the tutorials my applique has really improved. I got all the notches in the hearts right.


This one is the "Arrowhead Star", which I sewed by hand:


And I've made myself a new design wall:
The Midget Sampler wall

Saturday, 13. September 2008

Little Blocks :)


This was an easy one, it was done with foundation paper piecing.
In the original quilt, which can be seen here at the Sentimental Stitches website, this block had a light background and it's name is "Old Snowflake".
I decided to make it a "Young Star".
I have seen pictures at Hubblesite of glowing, colourful nebulae, the birthplace of new stars. The pink square in the center is for the nebula, and I mixed a dark blue starry fabric with black solid fabric for the background.


Nr. 16 - Christmas Tree.
I don't like christmas trees, but I like this block because the background fabric was given to me as a present by Wurzeline.


Nr. 38 - "Garden Beauty".
I was diving into the spirit of autumn when I made this block. Today and yesterday were the first days that brought a different kind of wind. It's suddenly a cool wind, even if it's sunny, it's cold outside. I'm waiting for the leaves to turn red and gold and brown..


Nr. 13 - Sheep Field
One nice easy little block!


Nr. 19 - Crows Nest
The blue fabric in this block was on sale all over Germany, and I've seen quite some quilts and quilt blocks containing it. ;-)

Wednesday, 10. September 2008

Star of many points

Wow, I really made it!


I sewed this "Midget Block" completely by hand, because I couldn't figure out how I should deal with the bulk of seam allowance in the center if I had to feed it through the machine.
It's a pity that the sewing thread is showing in the center, but still, I like this block very much - it's looking like a faceted crystal with many colours in it.
The size is only 4,5 inch finished, what you can see here is 5 inches unfinished size.

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