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Thursday, 14. August 2008

I'm away for a while

Not really travelling somewhere, but I need to dive into my work and will have no time to blog until the end of august. Maybe I'll post something here anyway -depends on what I decide to do with my relaxing moments :)

Monday, 23. June 2008

I'm (not) moving to wordpress?

Twoday.net is great and I like their features a lot.
A lot, nearly all, of my pagan and/or magic-loving friends are blogging here and it's very easy to keep up with their new posts.
I wish this was possible for my quilting hobby as well, and since there are only one or two blogs on quilting on twoday.net, one of them being mine, I'll try out this:


The entries can be exported from here and put into the wordpress blog, that was successful. But at wordpress, you can't edit your CSS and HTML if you only have a free account. Here at twoday, you can.
Twoday.net is the best bloghoster for people who want to customize their weblogs. And sometimes I want to do that. At wordpress, there may be 60 different designs to choose from, but here, there are a million possibilities.
Yes, this is a small provincial european blogcompany, with only 2 or 3 quilty blogs, but - it's simply the best place here. I think I can not leave here.
I could even insert a lightbox javascript and fancy stuff into my blog here. There's absolutely no comment-spam here. I don't know how they do it, but they block that here, and you don't have to wait for moderation or type stupid zigzagged letters into a box to comment.
And it's free! And it's not full of advertising!

I really don't know what to do. Should I move over to wordpress or not? Whats the use of a fantastic twoday.net-blog if there is nobody looking at it? On the other hand, it would be a chance for me to practice my english, even if nobody reads this.

And do you know what? I thought twoday.net was slow. But wordpress is even slower. Wordpress' server is (at least today) awfully slow and being there takes twice as much time, because I have to click through 3-4 screens to manage my blog and the pages take forever to load...
I want to stay at wonderful twoday.net!

Friday, 20. June 2008

About the blog

About this blog:

Now that I've added some craft- and quiltblogs to the linklist of my other blog, and some of them are in english, I was thinking about how nice it would be to get in touch with quilters from other places as well, who don't speak german.
I'm not really sure if blogging in 2 languages would be a good idea, because that eats a lot of time, i think.
But then, I don't have to write about everything here, I could simply write about patchwork and sewing. So when I read blogs in english and comment there, I could have a link to here so they can visit me back if they like. I do that often, if someone comments on my blog who I don't know, I like to visit back to find out who's reading my stuff.

Something about me:

I live in Berlin (Germany, Europe), was born in 1974 and I've started sewing 2 years ago, in fall of 2006, then I made my first quilt in spring 2007. Since then I've been sewing and quilting.
Besides that, I'm a bit pagan, without fitting very much in any category of pagans. I write here mostly about sewing, so it doesn't matter so much anyway. I'm trying to live an ecologic life, but I don't torment myself or deny myself enjoyment because of that. I try to combine "green living" and things that I like, like patchwork (which is a way to recycle old fabric and clothes) or riding a bike.
I consider myself someone devoted to peace and nonviolence and an anarchist - which means that I prefer a political system where people decide about what concerns them by themselves, in cooperation.

I work as a baker in an organic food bakery and this I enjoy very much.

English is not my native language, I hope my mistakes are tolerable.
If you find mistakes like awful grammar or wrong use of vocabulary and have some time to spare, please point them out to me - I like speaking and writing in english, but I've got to practice and I usually don't get the chance to be made aware of mistakes.

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