three months no smoking!

I stopped smoking on november 24, 2008, and now I really made it! Three months! I'm proud of myself!
Because I've been eyeing the handdyed sockwool in these many online shops here for weeks, I promised myself to reward myself with some gorgeous wool on day 90 of being a non-smoker.

A friend of mine bought me a gift-coupon at Dornröschen-Wolle. This is in exchange for a cape I sewed 3 years ago which I'm not wearing, because I received two woolen winter capes from my mother, and since they are heirlooms in my family, I gave mine away. I've got to have some priorities. :-)

Well, the gift coupon didn't arrive in time and I was frustrated, really frustrated! After weeks and weeks of longing for that wool finally THE DAY was there and Christine, the owner of Dornröschen-Wolle, stocked up her shop, and I couldn't order because I was still waiting for this gift coupon.
So I went to another online shop, Wollfactory and ordered some handdyed wool! It arrived feb 24th, 2009 - I had stopped smoking on Nov 24th, 2008!

Part 1 of the gorgeous wool!

I'm really knitting a lot since I started knitting three months ago. I have finished six or seven pairs of socks, one scarf, a pair of legwarmers and I have two pairs of socks, one pair of mitts, a hat, and another pair of legwarmers on the needles.

Araucania!! *lechz*

I've also completed some more midget sampler blocks, but today I seemed to be unable to take good photos (except for the wool in this post) - everything looks just grey and sad. Outside it's cold, raining, and the sky is dark grey all day.

What's my resumee after 3 months? I've had my last "crisis" after 5 weeks without smoking. It lasted about 4 days, when I constantly thought about smoking and even considered to smoke herbal tea instead - just for smoking anything without nicotine. I didn't smoke any of my tea blends, though. ;-)
Since that time, I really feel great, I hardly think of smoking once a week, and I had no craving at all. I feel like I've never smoked. Only better, because I'm proud of myself and can appreciate it that I don't have stinky full ashtrays surrounding me, all day.


I think I've gained a little bit weight, but maybe I'm just imagining it. I don't own a scale. So I can only judge from what i see in the mirror and from how my clothes fit. So far everything fits still well, but some things that were already too small for me, are now really too small for me. I think I like it more that way. After the stressful summer last year, I really looked a little haggard, not that I'm thin, but I did look unhealthy.
Anyway, I think that I need not fear to become fat after stopping to smoke. Maybe I gained some 6 pounds or so, but that's nothing and I don't know my "natural weight" without the cigarettes yet. I think there's a natural weight for every individual body, and not really a number on the scale that's right for all people of the same age and height.

I'd like to knit a lace shawl, but I don't know if I'm a shawl person - and I don't know if I could knit lace. I knit lace socks, but that's not like a lace shawl ;)
belinda (guest) - 27. Feb, 02:43

WOW....congradulations on the quiting smoking!!!!! I too
quit smoking years ago and it was very hard for me. I knew
that I NEEDED to quit, but I didn't WANT to. Yes, I think you
deserve a little treat for doing so good. The yarn is lovely!!

I appreciate your visit......I think you SHOULD post your teapots

Karen (guest) - 27. Feb, 04:54

Good for you! Three months smoke free! Love the wool. If it wasn't so expensive, I would buy lots of it, just to put in baskets around the house. Wool always puts a smile on my face. :)

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