Finally some patchwork again! I made a bag/case for my knitting tools.


DPN's, circs, scissors, stitchmarkers, extra cables, crochet hooks, darning needles, needle gauge, all fits in there.


the only bad thing is that the DPN's are falling out if you're not careful. I should have included some kind of flap above them.


And then, I felt I had to leave a discussion group in ravelry. Even though I know that common sense in the USA is a bit different from here, and that many north Americans are considering our european welfare and medical care systems socialism, I was once more astonished and super uncomfortable reading discussions about this topic. And there's a particular group where such topics keep coming up frequently.
What makes me uncomfortable is the fact that people seem to
- blame the poor for being poor and suggesting that supporting them is not up to society but a service the poor should be grateful for;
- bringing up the taxpayer and his/her pocket when others talk about poor ppl having to go to the ER, talking about how unfair it is if the poor have the wealthier ppl support them.
..and the lack of solidarity in general.
I'm aware that a lot of ppl here in europe are repeating the same phrases, and that makes me uncomfortable just as well, but it's just my impression, (without being able to make a direct comparison), that the majority here believes in the necessity of social welfare programs and that everyone has the right to get medical treatment and a minimum of financial support.

Now, the taxpayer can not even begin to think about paying for the state's expenses, I mean, the state is so deeply in debt that everyone would have to rise millions of Euros to pay all the money back - so I don't get how there is money for warfare and saving big multinational companies and banks from going bankrupt, and because of that there is no more money for supporting the weaker and poorer members of the community. Oh yeah, of course I do get it. It's important to fight wars and pumping money into the companies to stabilize and keep up the economic system while it does not matter that much if the poor have toothaches and low vitamin levels. *sarcasm*
No, really, I hate capitalism. And I thought that said ravelry group was dedicated to developping alternative ways of life which enable ppl to live more autonomously from capitalism, if that's at all possible. Well.
I've been told to be an impulsive person, and as such I should sometimes keep my mouth shut - but some topics really make me "go off". So I guess it's better to stay away from some groups as I don't think I want or could convince anybody.. and heck yeah, I am a socialist compared to some other ppl I guess, and I don't have a problem with that.

Anyway.. have a nice weekend everyone.
Sara (guest) - 25. Jul, 16:18

Hi there!

I found my way here from ravelry. I have to say that I'm super impressed by your crafty skills--such a handy knit/crochet tool case. And oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen prettier hand spun done on a spindle like that!

I think your attitude regarding those bothersome comments from other Ravelers is great. There's no use in getting all ruffled over the opinions of people who would most likely be unwilling to listen. I've found that people are often willfully ignorant, but for the life of me can't understand why.

I'll definitely keep coming back to read your future posts :)



distelfliege - 29. Jul, 11:22

your comment made me smile! thanks for visiting! :-)
Ulla (guest) - 7. Sep, 15:34

Greetings from Finland!

I was in Quilting Blogs and I found you Blog. Thank you very much for you Blog!!! :) I like the colour-combination very much! It look's so fresh! I come back again and again! Have a nice day!
Neame (guest) - 13. Jun, 08:22

Your Blog

Love the needlecase - such a good choice of fabrics. It should not be too hard to add the needed flap or flaps. Just a little handwork.

You are spot on about the lack of solidarity. But please do not be too discouraged about what you see in the news of Americans. We do not all think like Donald Trump. Those who think more like you (and me) are supports of the Democratic party. The Democrats have not yet figured out how to capture the media spotlight. But we do make up at least 50% of the pop'n. There is a great divide here between left and right, made worse by the way it is reported in the media. Keep the faith. ( In war there are no athiests in foxholes - thus those forced to plead for help convert to socialists. )

Blog on!

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