Friday, 20. June 2008

Double 9 Patch

At the beginning of this year, I started this quilt. I cut and sewed the top in a very short time (only some days) and now it's being quilted. The pattern is taking some time. It's taking months. But I think I'll be finished this year ;-)
My sewing machine is capable of machine quilting, but I like to handquilt. I only use machine quilting when making bags, because it shows more clearly and the soft look of handquilting doesn't stand out enough on a bag. (For my taste)

And I used regular cotton fabrics and old bed sheets in this quilt, and a cotton batting, so it's not as easy to quilt as a quilt with only expensive patchwork fabrics and a thin poly batting. I love patchwork fabrics and their colours and designs - but it feels more "authentic" to me to cut up old garments and reuse fabric. And the quilts do have a different "feel" to them.
The blue fabric is new, from IKEA.

double nine patch2

double nine patch

About the blog

About this blog:

Now that I've added some craft- and quiltblogs to the linklist of my other blog, and some of them are in english, I was thinking about how nice it would be to get in touch with quilters from other places as well, who don't speak german.
I'm not really sure if blogging in 2 languages would be a good idea, because that eats a lot of time, i think.
But then, I don't have to write about everything here, I could simply write about patchwork and sewing. So when I read blogs in english and comment there, I could have a link to here so they can visit me back if they like. I do that often, if someone comments on my blog who I don't know, I like to visit back to find out who's reading my stuff.

Something about me:

I live in Berlin (Germany, Europe), was born in 1974 and I've started sewing 2 years ago, in fall of 2006, then I made my first quilt in spring 2007. Since then I've been sewing and quilting.
Besides that, I'm a bit pagan, without fitting very much in any category of pagans. I write here mostly about sewing, so it doesn't matter so much anyway. I'm trying to live an ecologic life, but I don't torment myself or deny myself enjoyment because of that. I try to combine "green living" and things that I like, like patchwork (which is a way to recycle old fabric and clothes) or riding a bike.
I consider myself someone devoted to peace and nonviolence and an anarchist - which means that I prefer a political system where people decide about what concerns them by themselves, in cooperation.

I work as a baker in an organic food bakery and this I enjoy very much.

English is not my native language, I hope my mistakes are tolerable.
If you find mistakes like awful grammar or wrong use of vocabulary and have some time to spare, please point them out to me - I like speaking and writing in english, but I've got to practice and I usually don't get the chance to be made aware of mistakes.

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