Monday, 5. December 2016

Day 5: Where I plan

Not only my bullet journal is messy. My desk most of the time is chaotic, too.
There's a stack of books and notebooks. A bottle of oil for the spinning wheel. A microphone and earphones and recording equipment for podcasting. A project bag with a knitting project inside, tea cup, niddy noddy, scissors, markers, and the notebooks of course.

the most used item is the old macbook. It was made in 2007 and it is still running and working nicely. I planned to keep it until the end of 2017 at least, I will see how long it lasts me. in 2010 I got it from another knitter who came to our knitting group. She had gotten herself a new one and I was lucky to get the old one. Never regretted switching to a mac. I'd like to have linux, but I'm always so overcommitted to so many things, that I'm just grateful for keeping it simple and having a system where most stuff is preset and I can just plug everything in and use it.

And now I should clean up my desk! :D

Day 5


Day 4: Favorite Tools

I don't use a lot, I am the "you only need a notebook and a pen" type. After I saw some people use fountain pens, I dug out my old Lamy. it works like new. The other pen I use is a black fineliner. I have different kinds. what I dont like about them is that the tip often gets scratchy, the tips are easily broken. except for rotring tikky graphic I found they all have those vulnerable tips. and I do like the occasional washi tape for earmarking pages!

planwithmechallenge 4

Saturday, 3. December 2016

Plan With Me Challenge 3: Event Planning

I don't really do much event planning in my bujo. Or not yet?
My bujo is to-do-list-heavy. The bulk of events is entered into my google calendar. This gets synced between all my and my partners' devices, which is really handy when choosing a time for anything. I love it!

I know that google has not a good reputation for handling peoples' data. However, I'm just a boring baker and go to some concerts and knitting events, why bother hiding it from a data-mining company.

In the bujo, with the monthly log and the future log, it feels like double the work when I do the event planning in there as well. So I don't. I do make notes in my monthly log about major things and work shifts, but I don't write down any timetables, details and notes there, only if there is something that would go on the daily to-do-lists.

So this is how my bujo calendar looks like up close, I did show it in the setup post yesterday as well, but much smaller.

Event planning

by the way - the entry on december 11 is a concert: Daniel Kahn is an american singer/songwriter and Klezmer musician, you can check out his website here:

Plan With Me Challenge 2: December Setup

I'm really new to this, so I only have a monthly log that is month-specific. And I'll have daily pages after the monthly log.

First, I printed out the prompts for the Challenge and glued it into the Bullet Journal.


The drawing with the prompts is from Boho Berry, and although she wrote the document could be printed out on A5, I could print it out in postcard format, just right for my tiny notebook. I had to trim the edges off, but I got it to fit in.
Here's where you can download it:

Next I set up my December monthly log, it's just very plain. I had the idea of drawing little symbols for my working shifts, instead of writing what shifts I had to do. I'm not done with entering all my shifts, but the little croissant means I will be making croissants on that day, the broom means, I have a cleaning shift, and the bread means I'm baking, and so on.

planwithmechallenge december 2016

Lastly, I decided to make a gratitude log on just one page. I can jam everything in there, I guess, I don't have to have a line per day. I will just write things all over the place.

gratitude log december

This page is even decorated with washi tape and a stamp.

Yesterday, on December 1st, I realized I needed one more spread. I'm taking part in an advent calendar. This is a german tradition before christmas (but it's not only christian, it is more a tradition, I'm taking part because of the presents :D) where you get to open a little surprise present every day until christmas eve (24). We did this as a swap so I'm getting all those presents from different people and all of them get something from me too. :)

Last year I didn't write down consistently which was from whom and this year I drew 24 little boxes on each page. because I'm using 2 advent calendars. I'm greedy. Today there was a mini skein of sockyarn in a wonderful lavender color and a bag of earl grey tea.

#planwithmechallenge #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujo #decembersetup #twi

For the other one, there was a bag of rainbow fibers, but without a tag so I don't know what it is and from whom.

I might need extra modules in that month, but I'm adding them as I go.

Thursday, 1. December 2016

the #planwithmechallenge nr.1 - intro

I picked up bullet journaling a few weeks ago. I don't do that much and I don't make it an art form (yet), but I really am inspired by all the beautiful and creative things people are doing with their bujos.

Bullet journaling is just a system to deal with one's to do lists, events and notes. You can find everything about the basics on the inventors Website:

So this #planwithmechallenge. All about it can be found on one of the 3 hosts blogs, for example here.

Ok, this is my intro.
I'm a 42 year old baker living in Berlin in Germany. I am very creative and knit, paint, spin, journal, take pictures, love cycling and yoga and cats and food. I discovered extreme metal music in the last year - mostly death and thrash metal <3 I used to play saxophone, but never was in a band. I started to learn playing it, played for 2,5 years and then couldn't find the time to practice daily and the instrument got put away waiting for revival.

I am an anarchist lefty and times like these are really hard to bear. when all the right wing powers are getting stronger and things seem to become messed up more and more.

This is what I do for a living. But of course there is also bread, croissants, cakes, rolls and baguettes and it all needs to be made every day. I love my job and it's more than just a job for me. I am part of a bakers collective and work is organized by the workers themselves. Which can be a process that takes idealism and patience.

Dahme-Heideseen Tour August 2016
I discovered my love for long distance cycling, which in my case means just that I like to take tours of several days or weeks, between 200 and 1000km. But usually I don't ride more than 80km per day.

This is where I sit at my computer, it's an old (2007) macbook pro. I love it too much and hope it will last for another 10 years, but that's an illusion, of course. And my cat Kiwi - she often thinks I should pay attention to her. Not to the internet.

Layered Painting with Mandala
I love to paint and this is a work in progress done for the online art journaling course "Lifebook 2016" which you can find on

Not the most recent photo, because my hair is green or turquoise now, but what the heck. ;)
I'm also a queer-ish person who identifies as girlfag, at least in part. Being a part of the queerfeminist community has given me so much opportunities to learn and enjoy diversity and differences and find common ground in our struggles these last years.

urban exploring dez 2014
This is the street where I live.

Yarnbombing Warschauer Brücke
And this is my city. And the epic epic yarnbombing we did for speaking out for LGBTIQ* rights in russia and everywhere during the olympic games in Sotchi.

and about journaling?
I'm just beginning. that's how mine looks like at the moment:

bujo achievements

I use an old fun notebook I was given as a present and it's quite small and messy. I started with daily to do lists, and with tracking what I had done for work and how many hours, and also tracking the activities I did in my free time.
But I plan on integrating more into the journal.

That's it so far!

Sunday, 27. November 2016

Getting started with bullet journaling

I started using 2 old notebooks. they had been given to me as presents, and they have "feminism passport" printed on them ;)
first, I changed the exterior of the books a little, adding "queer" and changing the venus symbol into a girlfag symbol.

The first thing I actually did was to use one of the little books to track the time I work. I'm working in a bakers collective and often I get confused about how much and how often I work. So at the end of the week I feel like I did not enough to explain the exhaustion and tiredness.
For the first 2 weeks, I only made little notes every day of what I did for work and how many hours it took. Then I started to do it as a weekly spread, without any particular setup, noting what I did for work on the left page and what I did in my other time on the right page.

That worked really well for me. I could get an overview of how many hours of work I actually do, and it explained why I felt tired after a long week. What also astonished me was how many things I still could do in my other time. I felt more accomplished and less inclined to beat myself up. I started to enjoy all of my time more, the working hours and my free time.

That was when I started Bullet Journaling for real: Jules talked about messy bullet journaling in their podcast (here: and I felt instantly at home: I am really inspired by the artsy, orderly Bujos everyone in the community seems to have, but I couldn't keep up myself if I did that.
So I joined the "messy bullet journals" group on

Now about 3 weeks have passed and I begin to have something like a setup.
My first book will stay as it is. I want to keep the work/free time tracking separate.
The other book started out with "dailies" - Daily pages where all the tasks and notes are written down. I had no monthly log and no future log and no index and nothing in the beginning. I just used a page per day, writing to do's for that day and migrating to do's I didn't get done to the next day.

The downside to this was that I got lost in the daily stuff. I needed a monthly page to write down some monthly goals and to do's there, so I would not have a perfectly clean cat litter box at all times but forget about important work related dates.

So I added an index and a monthly log. I had to glue in paper to make my index, I had not left blank pages for it. The next thing I added was a yoga tracker. I'm still happy with that :)
I write down my yoga practice in my "done list" book as well, but it's much neater to have it all on one page.

On to some pictures:

bullet journaling nov 2016
This is my bullet journal right now. It's very small and I decorated the cover after a while. I use a derwent graphik line maker fineliner in 0.2. The only reason I use this fineliner is that it turned out to be not waterproof. I have a collection of black ink fineliners, and I use them for sketching in combination with watercolors. This one is useless for that and so I was glad to put it to use here.

bullet journaling nov 2016
The index pages. I had to glue them down several times, because the glue stick dried and then the paper came off again.

bullet journaling nov 2016
These are some daily pages and embedded in there is a collection: a grocery list for smoothie making. I didn't buy all of the stuff, but I wrote down what I would need for some recipes at - I highly recommend her recipes! tasty stuff!

bullet journaling nov 2016
That's what my yoga tracker looks like.

bullet journaling nov 2016
I was inspired by Boho Berry to start a gratitude log in december, and this is the page I set up for it.

I think that's pretty much it.
New things can be added as the need arises. In the meantime, it works really well for me and I don't have to worry as much about forgetting things.
I also tend to get less overloaded with tasks because I have an overview of what's going on, and I don't keep adding more and more if my days are already full.

For a calendar to keep track of dates, I don't use the bullet journal. I have a google calendar which is synced between all my devices and the computer, and which also contains the google calendar of my partner. So we can see when we are busy and can plan our weeks around each other.

tiny yoga disclaimer: I'm doing yoga but I think it's good to be aware that this is a field where a lot of cultural appropriation takes place, and I would like to encourage everyone who loves yoga and happens to be white and living in a western society, to learn more about it and think about representation, power dynamics and their own role as a white person in yoga traditions. I try do do this myself. some useful info can be found at

Saturday, 26. November 2016

Daily Picture: The park in fog

this week I went to a bookkeeping software seminar. It was all week, every day. It meant I had a 13km commute to go there, and I picked a beautiful route through parks, along little rivers and side roads.
That was the last day in the morning. It was so foggy. My glasses got dripping wet and it was impossible to see through them. If I cleaned them they became wet after 100 metres and were useless again.

This was a picture I snapped with my phone at Landschaftspark Herzberge:


Tuesday, 15. November 2016

Daily Picture Tuesday 11-15-2016

#dailypicture das ist ein Kona Rennrad in Gelb metallic. Ich ließ meine Bremsen erneuern und stand 10min davor *drool* #fahrrad #roadbike

This is a Kona roadbike. It is yellow but it shimmers. I think it has a steel frame. Drooling in front of it for 10 minutes at the bike store, where I had the brakes of my travel and everyday bike fixed. I never tried a roadbike, but I think I'd like to. What a beauty.

Monday, 14. November 2016

Daily Picture Monday 11-14-2016

daily picture 14.11.

This is Berlin, Schillingbrücke. One of the many bridges across the river Spree. I went to meet someone in Neukölln and the weather was cold but so wonderfully sunny. I like this route and this bridge. Although an important party location, Yaam, is right here, the people are really very laid back and do their thing. So much better for a commute from night shift or to early shift than Oberbaumbrücke.

Das ist die Schillingbrücke in Berlin. Eine der vielen Brücken über die Spree. Ich fuhr nach Neukölln jemanden zu treffen, und das Wetter war kalt aber so wunderbar sonnig. Ich mag die Route und die Brücke. Obwohl eine wichtige Partylocation hier liegt, das Yaam, sind die Leute sehr entspannt und machen ihr Ding. So viel besser, hier entlang zu fahren, wenn man von der Nachtschicht kommt oder zur Frühschicht unterwegs ist.

Sunday, 13. November 2016

Daily Picture Sunday 11-13-2016

daily picture 14.11

Das ist eine Haarseife. Desch hat sie selbst gemacht und mir gestern geschenkt. Daneben ist eine inzwischen leere Dose Salz-Öl-Peeling mit Lemongrasduft, das ich beim dm gekauft hatte und was ich sehr mochte.
Seit Donnerstag funktioniert nämlich unsere Heizung und das warme Wasser, und ich kann statt im Betrieb, zuhause wieder duschen. (Und ohne dicken Pulli da sitzen).
Heute habe ich das zum ersten Mal gemacht!

This is hair soap - or solid shampoo. Desch made it herself and gifted it to me yesterday. Next to it, there's a scrub with salt and oils and lemongrass scent, I got it from dm and I liked to use it up.
our heating system and the warm water was not working until thursday, when it finally was fixed. I had taken my showers at my workplace. Today, it was my first shower at home since the thing got repaired :-)

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